Animating the journey to financial stability.


Financial management company Wealthfront offers software and apps to help people oversee their money in a straightforward way using robotic algorithms. Bokeh was brought on to make an informational animated video for the launch of Wealthfront’s new product, Path, a visual app that makes it easy for people to plan, track, and save for retirement.

Path by Wealthfront

Wheel it out

Wealthfront already had an illustration style and color palette in place on its site and wanted the video to fit that framework. Additionally, they asked us to convey a sense of active lifestyle. With these parameters, as well as the ultimate goal to make the product information engaging, we opted for a narrative centered around a female bicyclist biking throughout town and on hills—a metaphor for the ups and downs in life. We finessed the design to make sure it felt native to the existing site and used visual cues, such as increasingly expensive cars and larger homes, to illustrate the technical talking points in a lighthearted manner.

Path Biking Women
Path Cat Home Wide

The payoff

This video was used in e-mail blast to Wealthfront’s vast audience of users to inform them about Path. This animation was also used on the main landing page for the dedicated Path website.

Wealthfront Woman Looking