Veni, Vedi, Visa


In 2015 Visa asked Bokeh to create an aspirational video that would show how a truly “connected” Visa credit card would make people’s lives better—from an app that directs customers to the nearest ATM to mobile payments. Although the brief was straightforward Bokeh faced two challenges: Shooting and producing the video in five days and demonstrating a product that wasn’t finished (let alone built).

Introducing the Connected Card by Visa

If you can think it, you can be it

Not all of Visa’s products were fully realized when we began shooting. We worked with their product designers to create wireframes and build PDP pages for a nonexistent mobile app. Then we choreographed the talent’s interactions to work seamlessly with the imagined product, tap by tap. Through careful work and more than a little imagination, we created a fluid, realistic integration.


Don’t panic, it’s organic

To contextualize the product within a larger, more compelling narrative, we enlisted the help of Oakland-based woodworker Aleksandra Zee. Our story followed a day in her life, from client meetings to carpentry studio, and demonstrated the numerous ways she “used” Visa’s connected card (bare in mind, it did not exist) to streamline her business. The personal effect of using Aleksandra’s voice for narration imbued the video with a sense of authenticity and warmth.

Visa Bts2

Behind the Scenes in Aleksandra Zee's Studio

Visa Connected Card Framez