The launch video for UberRUSH was true to its namesake. What a rush!


UberRUSH uses Uber’s network of drivers and bicycle couriers to pick up and deliver items from stores and retailers that don’t offer delivery. For the launch video, we used New York City as our backdrop and focused on three delivery categories: food (Indie Fresh, a mason jar meal company), clothing (Sam & Lex, an upscale boutique) and flowers (Ode á La Rose, a flower shop).

UberRush, Your On-Demand Network

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Dave Kim, Producer Marketing Manager, Uber

Made in Manhattan

With the location (New York) and the shops (Indie Fresh, Sam & Lex, and Ode á La Rose) locked in, our creative attention went toward infusing our video with the vim and vigor of Manhattan. Our narrative followed goods en route from store to customer while employing a quick cut editing style that built momentum.

The one rub: the UberRUSH app was not ready by the start of physical production. So we anticipated user interactions and then used a green screen app to track the finger movements of our actors. When the product was built, we were able to easily attach it to the screen so that the UI was visually crisp and perfectly aligned.

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A bird’s eye view

To truly make the product shine, we opted for overhead shots that honed in UberRUSH; highlighting the deliveries and interactions. In a rhythmic, choreographic style, reinforced with percussion-driven music, people’s hands exchange items with perfect precision. This not only captures the app’s effortless, almost-automated process from order to delivery, but also reinforces human connections. By removing facial expressions and emotions, the characters become slightly anonymous—they can relate to any business and any customer.

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The payoff

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