We made a video about real estate development exciting (Really.)


In 2016, residential real estate development and master planning company the Irvine Company asked Bokeh to create a series of videos to generate community excitement and encourage the Cupertino City Council to approve its latest development, The Hamptons, located adjacent to Apple Park.


  1. Content Strategy
  2. Film/Video
  3. Animation

The Hamptons, Cupertino

Focus on what really matters

Architects and developers aggrandizing another luxury development wasn’t going to resonate with anyone. In our interviews, we shifted the storytelling focus away from the specific design achievements of landscape architect Laurie Olin and architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica to how the development enriched the lives of its residents and the community of Cupertino as a whole. In other words, we felt the most effective approach would be to ground our story in humanity.

Irvine Co 2
Irvine Co 4
Irvine Co 5
Irvine Co 1

See the unseen

To make a video for a development that didn’t exist yet, we partnered with the amazing creatives at Steelblue LLC to create 3-D animated renderings of the complex with real and computer generated people in each space. 

First, they built out the CGI spaces with camera moves so we could make them consistent with the live-action shots. To make these homes feel active and alive, we asked Steelblue to fill up a green screen studio with a ton of extras. In fact, it was the most extras Steelblue had ever included in a single scene. It was also the first time they shot live extras swimming in a CGI pool. Using this combination of animation, interviews, aerial imagery, and B-roll footage, Bokeh made a real estate video with life and heart.

Irvineco Storyboard Comparison

Green Screen Timelapse

The cut-downs

It’s not easy to cover every detail of a multi-million dollar development in a single video. So we created a short series of topical cutdowns that highlighted The Hamptons’ most impressive features.


Planning Principles

Public Promenade

Building Composition

Perimeter Trail


The payoff

The Hamptons passed the city council and the master plan was approved. Hallelujah! We have housing.

Irvine Co End