We built a mixed reality world to showcase the homes at Santa Clara Square


When The Irvine Company reached out to ask if we'd be interested in producing an inspirational day-in-the-life narrative for their new development project in Santa Clara we were all-in. The film needed to help potential homeowners see themselves living in this environment: shopping at the local Whole Foods; exercising on a manicured trail; tinkering with electronics in the community center lovingly named The Hub. While simple in concept, the development was still very much under construction. So we needed to get a little creative to avoid showing the unfinished drywall.

Santa Clara Square Apartment Homes

Walk this way

We started with a location scout to map out the 3D CGI shots we'd need to create and how these images could meld with the parts of the development that had already been completed. As we explored the retail sections of Santa Clara Square and the nearby running trails, it became apparent that one of the development's virtues was its walkablity. This would inform our creative approach for the new property by reducing the number of cars featured in the video. To further immerse the video in Silicon Valley culture, we cast millennial aged talent and wove in scenarios such as a VC pitch presentation and co-working spaces.

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Render it real good

Partnering with Neoscape helped us give life and color to the parts of the development still under construction. We created a series of renderings and placed real talent into these environments by filming them against a green screen. The result helped us blend rendered and non-rendered shots seamlessly into the final. Then to optimize the video for playback in a "sound-off" environment, we incorporated text titles to describe the amenities.

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The Payoff

Proving to be essential marketing collateral for The Irvine Company's sales team, our video helps set the tone for Santa Clara Square, builds trust and excitement with prospective clients and is featured in sales offices on-site and online.