We cold called Philz Coffee to do a rebrand and they loved it.


Bokeh took the unconventional approach of exploring Philz’s brand identity, refreshing it, and sending a new brand deck directly to Philz’s CEO, Jacob Jaber. With custom coffee blends and a customer experience like no other, we felt that Philz deserved a brand it could fully own. The plan worked! Throughout the course of 2016, Bokeh worked intimately with the Philz team to define a uniform brand strategy that would serve as a guide for future growth.


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Design guidelines
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Talk it out

Philz needed a distinct vision, mission, and set of values that could be embraced internally and expressed in every decision they made. So we conducted individual interviews, a series of leadership workshops, and a company off-site to provide safe spaces to debate ideas and tinker with concepts.

Vision Page

This is Philz's reason for being and plan for growth. By embracing this vision, Philz grows its culture and gains perspective on the bigger picture.

Mission Page

This is the overarching objective that drives Philz's people. The mission is how Philz moves forward, grows and achieves its goals.


This is the belief system at the heart of Philz's culture. These values are embodied in every action and interaction.

Promise Page

Philz's promise is the spirit of their customer experience in one simple sentence.

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CEO Jacob Jaber explores the feeling of screen printing a new Philz word mark.

Trippin’ on research

White-space exercises and market research helped us create a profile for the typical Philz customer and to understand the perception of the Philz brand compared to that of its competitors.

Our research survey in San Francisco’s Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. complemented the statistical analysis with in-person observations and on-site customer interviews.

Philz Survey Context3

Survey-takers were asked to imagine Philz, Starbucks, Peet's and Blue Bottle as a person. In their responses, we identified the quintessential traits that make Philz customers unique.

"The depth of Bokeh's approach is quite impressive and on-point. I appreciated their quick-wittedness, intuition, and aesthetic… I think they knew us better than we knew ourselves."

Jacob Jaber, CEO, Philz

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The new identity

Real, warm, undaunted, relaxed, neighborly, light-hearted, and unpretentious are the attributes infused throughout the new Philz brand identity. Starting with the logo and brand mark, we developed a custom system of colors, typography, illustrations, and iconography with guidelines.

Philz Logo

The “z” speaks to Philz’s heritage. It is strong and recognizable. The foxtail hooks at the ends of the letterforms are reminiscent of the original logo. Underneath the arch of the word mark we pay homage to the promise Philz makes to each customer. Finally, the word mark is garnished with a sprig of mint and a dash of love—a symbol of Philz's light-hearted and warm personality.

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Philz Colors

Philz's color palette are distinct and ownable; fresh yet familiar. "It'z the Best Brown" contains notes of burgundy and purple, infusing the color with a sense of love and passion. "Mint Mojito" is charismatic, light-hearted, and refreshing. "Original Mug" is bold and friendly, and references the iconic mug that stood front-and-center in the original logo.

Mint Leaf Wide

The mint heart is Philz's mascot, a visual metaphor for the brand. It represents two recurring motifs: the sprigs of mint used to garnish Philz's drinks, and the love Philz expresses for its customers, its community, and its craft.

Mintheart Things2

The mint heart is intended to be extremely flexible. It can take on any fill, color, texture, pattern, or image to reflect seasonal changes, commemorate holidays, and convey important brand themes.


The illustrations like the logo are handwritten with slight imperfections in shape and line weights that feel natural in execution and undaunted in confidence. They are human and real, playful but not cartoony. There is a fundamental simplicity in form that speaks to Philz's humility.

Font On Yellow

The Tesora typeface was designed and painstakingly handcrafted like every cup of Philz coffee - one letterform at a time. The font is custom and unique to the Philz brand. Undaunted in character and handwritten like our logo.

Mint Leaf Buffer

The payoff

Philz chose to pace the launch of the new branding by starting with in-store menus, wayfinding signage, and promotional newsletters.

Book 3

"Our brand may act casual, but our look is always consistent... The brand is not only what we serve in-store. It is also manifested in our logo, colors, typography, photography, iconography, and illustrations."

Book 2

"The mint-heart is Philz's mascot, a visual metaphor for our brand."

Book 1

"The mint-heart is the amalgamation of two recurring motifs... the sprigs of mint we use to garnish our drinks, and the love we express for our customers, our community, and our craft."

Book 4

"Our typographic system is both functional and expressive. It is straightforward, clear and legible. It is also graphical and emotive; an extension of our personality."

Philz Screen Context Wide
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