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ON24, a webinar marketing platform that offers branded video and presentation software to businesses, wanted a B2B product video that was informational, but unconventional. We challenged ourselves to level up with a hybrid live-action and integrated motion graphic approach to make a traditional B2B commercial fresh and fun.

Engagement at Scale | ON24

"I honestly can’t say how happy I am that I stumbled across your website... You guys are unbelievably talented and fun to work with, and I hope that this is just the first video of many that we do together."

Michael Lacey, Creative Director, ON24

On24 Storyboard Comparison

Gettin' Disney with it

To properly demonstrate the webinar software, the video needed to be set in an office. But, rather than use a typical, boring office environment, we created an abstract workplace in an all-white cyclorama studio. This set-up also lent itself well to the overall metaphor that even though the client and marketer are sitting next to each other, they can’t connect—until ON24 saves the day of course.

We layered these live-action office scene with motion graphics. The trick was to make the graphics feel as integrated with the live shots as possible to make the product shine and keep viewers engaged. This included having an animated Twitter bird tug at the character’s hair, floating icons, and a screen pop-up and rustle a pile of papers on a desk.

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