We backpacked around the globe to shoot a series for Instagram for Business.


In May 2016, Instagram asked Bokeh to develop the creative strategy behind its largest business marketing campaign. Over the next six months, Bokeh would trek across four continents and collaborate with twenty-four businesses in eight of Instagram’s top-performing markets to produce eight market-specific anthem films, one global anthem film, and two business profiles.


  • Content strategy
  • Film/Video
  • Animation
  • Design

Global Spotlight: Instagram in the UAE

Global Spotlight: Instagram in the United Kingdom

Global Spotlight: Instagram in Germany

Global Spotlight: Instagram in Spain

Global Spotlight: Instagram in Mexico

Global Spotlight: Instagram in Italy

Global Spotlight: Instagram in Brazil

Global Spotlight: Instagram in France

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"I was very impressed by Bokeh’s strategic thinking and modern approach to branding, storytelling, and content creation.”

Anne-Marie Verdin, Brand Director, Mulberry

Nobody’s inspired by jargon

Our creative approach was predicated on the belief that human connection is not driven by jargon or statistics. For a creative brand like Instagram, an emotional, relatable, and down-to-earth approach felt more powerful. Connection is not fostered by large, immobile production teams, so we strategized a plan that kept our footprint lean, our production value high, and placed a heavy value on agility. Then we tested this plan by developing a concept film and animatic.

"Made on Instagram" Pitch Film


Coordinating with teams around the world put the agency on a 24-hour schedule. At one point, Bokeh was filming in three countries simultaneously.

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Breaking the rules

By keeping the creative and production light-on-its feet we kept ourselves open to be inspired by the businesses we profiled. For Dubai Tourism we invited our partner from Instagram on a whim to “accidently” skip an afternoon of video calls to ride ATVs into the Arabian desert. This allowed us to show Dubai as multi-faceted with both urban and natural landscapes. For Mercedes-Benz we figured a down-to-earth approach did no justice for their brand. We wanted to feel the speed and energy of their vehicles so we went out to their test track in Stuttgart, and up to the skies.

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The payoff

The assets that we created were leveraged across a variety of channels, from keynote presentations to social and Vimeo, paid media, and the Instagram for Business blog.

Ig Businessblog