GrubHub wanted snackable content for their social. We took that literally.


Grubhub asked Bokeh to create a series of short (five to ten secondlong) videos to promote their food-ordering app across social media. After pitching several ideas, we decided to really hone in on the concept of “food at your fingertips.” So, we visualized what it would look like to “really” have food in our phones. The results were simply delicious.

Food at your fingertips (Mexican) | GrubHub

Food at your fingertips (Thai) | GrubHub

Food for thought

To convey the speed and ease of the Grubhub app in a fun way, we wanted it to look like users could actually reach into their phones for their food. We shot the phone and then a green screen plate with a rectangular cut-out which we filled with Thai noodles and Mexican queso dip. A hand would enter the frame and then scoop out the food. The two scenes were then merged together with a bit of editing room magic.

"Food at Your Fingertips" Video Breakdown

Keep it bright, keep it light

Inspired by the work of PES, we employed a stop-motion approach. This gave each short a bit of playfulness and whimsy. Then with Grubhub's brand as a guide, we used vibrant background colors to make the food really pop.

Gh Thai Storyboards