We hit the road with Google to get a 360-degree perspective of the world.


In 2016, Google asked Bokeh to create two inspirational videos for Street View. The first needed to empower users to publish their own photography while showcasing the incredible places they can capture. The second needed to highlight the process of collecting a business virtual tour by Google Trusted Photographer. For us, this was as perfect of an excuse as ever to plan a road trip!

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Love travels

The first step was to identify visually immersive locations; the type you see online and instantly want to experience for yourself. After double-checking our personal travel bucket lists, we took to the road. Leveraging the diversity of our home state, California, we shot our way through San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, and the Salton Sea.

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Perhaps the most unique location on our route was Salvation Mountain - a manmade hill of adobe and straw slathered in thousands of gallons of lead-free paint. A respite of color from a desolate desert wasteland, its symbolic message of acceptance and love spoke to a theme of diversity which we expressed through our casting. To drive the point home, we concluded the video by showing a modern Muslim couple exploring and photography this environment.

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Settle the score

Music would be an important component for Publish. It was more than a background track. It was our guide through the world. Working closely with composer Daniel Blanck, we outlined the narrative into a series of beats and emotional movements in order to write a score that featured moments of quiet discovery, inspiration, wonder, and awe.

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Google Publish Salvation
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"The videos look extraordinary and were a huge hit! Thanks for all of the great work that went into this."

Charles Armstrong, Product Manager, Google Maps

The Payoff

As exciting as it was to have our videos featured on the Google Street View websites for Publish and Hire, the mac n' cheese at Homeroom in Oakland, CA may have been the ultimate reward.

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