Our parents thought this Google Play April Fool's joke was real. Success!


The team at Google Play was certain about two things. First, they wanted a video to commemorate the April Fool’s holiday. Second, they wanted the video to involve pets. With these parameters outlined, Bokeh went to work to develop a hilarious and entertaining video to introduce Google Play for Pets.


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Google Play for Pets

Make it believable

We made the conscious decision to avoid cheap laughs and cute gimmicks; to create an April Fool’s video that took itself and its intent to lead the audience astray seriously. The story—and the product at its center—had to be grounded in a real-world logic that the viewer could “almost” follow. We needed to develop a product idea that was simple, and solved a real human issue.

Our proposal: Google Play is introducing a new category of apps in the Play Store to help pet owners train their pets and keep them occupied while they’re away.

C’mon get appy

To start, we needed to bring the joke home by dreaming up with an assortment of Play for Pets apps that were believable enough for people to look up. After creating all of the animal puns we could muster, we designed a new series of fun app icons to match.

Fake App List2

Cat-ing call

In perhaps our most unusual casting call yet, we asked Google employees (Googlers) to lend their pets and personalities to the production. While we had plenty of Dooglers apply, we made a special effort to include “actors” of all kinds, including Altair the turtle, Pom Pom the chinchilla, and Noodle the chicken (an absolute primadonna).

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“You guys are literally amazing—thank you for dealing with this crazy last minute madness."

Meghan Lyons, Brand Marketing Manager, Google Play

The payoff

With over 1.6M views across YouTube and Facebook, Google Play for Pets was featured as one of the top April Fool’s pranks of 2017 by publications like Adweek and CNET.

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