The craziest damn video we’ve ever made for Google Maps in Turkey.


To announce the launch of Google Streetview and the Google Maps mobile application in Turkey, Bokeh was asked to produce an inspiring anthem video. However, there was one hurdle: No map data or Streetview imagery would be accessible. To be successful, our stylistic approach had to be less reliant on the availability of digital imagery and more attached to the target market’s culture.

Google Maps: Hello Turkey

Streetview minus the street view

How do you showcase a new feature without actually showing the feature? Establishing a partnership with DJI gave us the resources to shoot incredible aerial photography wherever we went. By combining this footage with hyperlapse photography and motion animation, we could mimic Satellite View in Google Maps and the user experience of moving between panoramas in Streetview.

Behind the Scenes of "Google Maps: Hello Turkey" with Google Maps and DJI

Inspired by the DJI Inspire

From the Watchtower

We reached out to Leonardo Dalessandri, the Italian director of the short film Watchtower of Turkey. Watchtower captured the essence of Turkish culture; a balanced, artistic survey of Turkey’s people, customs, food, and landscapes. The video had amassed millions of views within Turkey, and from a marketing perspective incorporating Leo’s aesthetic would establish an immediate point-of-reference for users. The awe-inspiring, kinetically entrancing nature of the approach combined with Google’s reach could give the video virality.

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"This is super slick. Well done all around. Never seen anything quite like this… The transitions between the various elements are so seamless."

Gopal Shah, Product Manager, Google Earth

Hello Turkey

Over the course of three weeks, we trekked across Istanbul and visited locales Izmir, Ephesus, Çeşme, and Şirince.

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The payoff

Perhaps the most incredibly cinematic and dynamic Google Maps launch video ever made suffered the most anticlimactic of fates. Never formally released due to the ongoing tension is Turkey's socio-political environment.