We did a photo-worthy photoshoot for Google.


Google Local Guides is a program where users leave reviews and upload photos of their favorite places so that others can find and experience them too. In September 2015, we were asked to conceptualize and produce bright and colorful photography that spoke to the values at the heart of the Local Guides brand—discovery, sharing, community. The final images would be incorporated into the Google Local Guides microsite.

Storyboard Goog Lg

Mocking the microsite

As part of the conceptualization process, we were tasked with envisioning the user experience on desktop and mobile devices in order to recommend approaches for the UX/UI design of the Local Guides microsite. This meant that our photography needed to work across platforms in both vertical and horizontal orientations. To ensure our images did that, we built out wireframe mockups of the website.

Lg1 Mockup
Lg2 Mockup
Lg3 Mockup
Lg5 Mockup
Lg4 Mockup

Location, location, location

We started by identifying the cool local places that would resonate most with millennials (i.e. us.). We wanted to show spots slightly off the beaten path that people would be genuinely excited to share. The final list included places such as Pizzeria Delfina, Shark Fin Cove, Philz, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and Chantal Guillon Macarons.

The payoff

Goog Lg Web Context 1
Goog Lg Web Context 5
Goog Lg Web Context 4
Goog Lg Web Context 3
Goog Lg Web Context 4V2