Bokeh got a car commercial for Christmas 🎁🎄🎅🏽


Baidu (think Google, but in China) decided CES in Las Vegas was the perfect venue to introduce the U.S. to its autonomous driving platform Apollo 2.0. But to do this proper Baidu needed to enlist the help of their first stateside marketing partner. Enter Bokeh.

Introducing Apollo 2.0 | Baidu

East vs. West

It took a bit of easing to get Baidu comfortable with our Western storytelling perspective. Baidu was used to a production approach that involved multiple cameras rolling nonstop without a strategy for structure, and then building the narrative in the editing room and glossing over rough edges with flashy motion graphics.

This is not Bokeh’s method.

To position Baidu and its software to a Western audience, it was important to set the product in a familiar context. So we created a quintessentially American visual case study with one of Baidu’s partners, Autonomoustuff. The Illinois-based autonomous technology producer became the perfect vehicle (pun!) to discuss Apollo 2.0’s updated features and promote the general advantages of autonomous cars in a heartfelt and relatable way.

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Drive it home

Leveraging the lessons we learned shooting Mercedes-Benz for Instagram, we found inventive ways to create luxury commercial-worthy imagery while keeping the production lightweight and nimble. Through a variety of cameras, drones, and mounts, we captured a plethora of driving perspectives to create dramatic movements and soaring transitions.


The Payoff

The video premiered January 8, 2018 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as part of Baidu’s presentation and at their Apollo 2.0 booth.