We told a story the vacation rental community could own for Airbnb.


Airbnb cofounder and CSO Nathan Blecharczyk was a keynote speaker at the Vacation Rental Managers Association national conference in Orlando, Florida. Airbnb tasked Bokeh with creating a video and capturing lifestyle photography that conveyed Airbnb’s brand values of human connection and empathy.


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Yonder & Airbnb | Building Memorable Experiences Together

Not just passing through

Airbnb has been somewhat of a dark horse in the vacation rental community and Nathan’s presentation needed to recognize that issue and connect to potential new hosts. As part of that ambition, we opted for a documentary-style film that told the story of a host and his business without relying on Airbnb talking points.

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We found Steve Frellick of Yonder Luxury Home Rentals in Asheville, North Carolina. Steve was on the brink of foreclosure during the recession of 2008 when his bank asked him to convert the family home he built into a vacation rental. Today, Yonder manages over 80 properties throughout North and South Carolina.

Steve’s story not only encapsulates an inherently American narrative, but his humility, passion, and empathy for his guests aligned his approach with Airbnb’s ethos of seeking common interests and forging connections. As a native of North Carolina, we felt Steve’s story would resonate with an audience in Orlando, many of whom were from the Southeast and lived through the Great Recession themselves.

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"The Bokeh team proved they were devoted to doing whatever it took on a highly shortened schedule to produce a great end-product built around a human story. The long days paid off, giving us a critical tool in our outreach."

Mike Dillingham, Experience Design, Airbnb

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Photography incorporated into Airbnb Host Tools landing page (https://www.airbnb.co.uk/hosttools)

Early birds

Airbnb is all about interaction, but a big part of Yonder’s success comes from allowing travelers to have a seamless check-in and an uninterrupted stay. To remedy this, we focused the narrative on Steve’s relationship to his homes and surroundings. We hung out with him and his business partner at a local diner, and accompanied Steve to one of his favorite places, the baseball diamond.

We woke up early to capture the natural beauty of Asheville and the Great Smoky Mountains. The morning fog spread out, laying gently between the folds of quiet valleys as if to hide from the sun for an extra five minutes. These sunrise hikes and drone photography shoots allowed us to give Steve and his homes context in their environment. It gave us a true sense for why people call North Carolina “home”.