Airbnb wanted a boarding pass passengers wouldn’t just throw away 😐.


Airbnb noticed an interesting trend in Europe: A large percentage of Easyjet travellers are also avid Airbnb users. So in March 2017, Bokeh was asked to design a print ad to push Airbnb Experiences on the bottom third of all home-printed Easyjet boarding passes en route to Barcelona.

Make it interactive

The downside to boarding passes is that passengers just throw them away. For print-at-home boarding passes, little to no attention is paid to the lower quadrant of the page. Understandably, Airbnb did not want an ad with their logo to be ignored and dumped in the trash.

Our thought process was simple: For Easyjet passengers, the lack of seat-back entertainment means that there are limited ways to stay occupied during a flight. What might capture their attention? A game. By playing a game, the passengers entertain themselves for five minutes and Airbnb is given five minutes of their attention. We decided to pitch a crossword puzzle.

Easyjet Ticket Games

Keep it simple

We identified a list of words that related to Barcelona and some of the Experiences a traveller may partake in through Airbnb. We figured out how these words could fit together and came up with clues that were clever enough to keep the game fun, but easy enough to solve. (Safe to say, we went through many iterations.)

The payoff

The final ad ran on over 200,000 boarding passes for all Easyjet flights to Barcelona from continental Europe during March 2017.

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