The campaign that “brought the house down” at Airbnb.


On November 17, 2016, Airbnb announced the largest product expansion in its history. Just five weeks earlier, Bokeh was asked to join its sprint to the finish line.

Working alongside the incredible creatives at Koto, as well as internal engineering, brand, product marketing, art, and C-level teams, we developed myriad content to educate users on new features, advertise and build awareness on social media, and, ultimately, to introduce the world to Airbnb Trips on-stage at Airbnb Open in Los Angeles.


  • Film/Video
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Social Ads
  • Digital Ads

Let’s get functional

Humanity is a core component of the Airbnb brand. Every feature and service built into the new Airbnb app derives value from the way it connects to guests, hosts, and experiences. To reinforce this connection, we melded organic live-action footage with engaging UI animations and garnished it all with a touch of whimsy. The result was twelve functional product videos viewable in landscape and portrait mode.

Introducing Experiences

Introducing Itinerary

Introducing Co-hosting

Introducing Social Impact Experiences

Staying Connected in Cuba

“This film brought the house down. I cannot imagine now having done this without it.”

Brian Chesky, CEO, Airbnb

The reveal

With two days before Airbnb Open, Brian needed a Hail Mary. He lacked a centerpiece for the launch announcement that firmly connected Airbnb’s digital product with the human experiences it fosters. So he asked us to apply our creative approach to the keynote anthem and make a film about the future of home sharing.

Welcome to the World of Trips | Aired During Airbnb Open 2016 Keynote

Airbnb Collections Teaser | Aired During AO 2016 Keynote

Marketing master blaster

To build awareness, we applied this approach to four 15-second advertisements blasted across digital and social channels.





The bow on top

Every piece of content featured a reimagined Airbnb motion logo consistent with the fluid design aesthetic we developed for our animations.

Trip Airbnb Logo

The payoff

The assets were leveraged across a variety of channels from Airbnb Open to product landing pages, social and YouTube, email newsletters, and paid media. The functional videos amassed over 11 million views in less than three weeks. On Airbnb product pages, the video click-through-rate reached as high as 15 percent.

We received coverage in the New York Times, Adweek, Travel + Leisure, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Telegraph, and Fast Company.